Meet Our Team

Meet our Management Team

  • Krysta Muscat
    Head of Recruitment

    Krysta joined Betting Connections in 2012 on the very same day that she met her husband whom she married in 2016. She worked for Betting Connections from Newcastle in the UK, before moving back to her home country of Malta where she is now a Recruitment Manager. Krysta is a Grade 7 trained actor and holds a degree in Psychology. She came to Betting Connections with a background in in-house recruitment and in 2014 was awarded Betting Connections illustrious ‘Drama Queen of the Year’ award.

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  • Sennette Patrick
    Recruitment Manager

    Sennette joined Betting Connections in 2013 and brought with her a wealth of iGaming experience, having worked in the industry since 2008, in Gibraltar and Malta, for companies such as Bwin.Party, Unibet and Betclic. Originally from Liverpool, England, Sennette is a Recruitment Manager by day and a full time mum by night. In her spare time you can always find her spending quality time with her family, either on holidays abroad or lounging by a pool.

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  • Gosia Pydzik
    Recruitment Team Leader

    Gosia started her career at Betting Connections as part of our International Internship Programme in 2014 before being employed on a full time basis, and being promoted to her current position of Recruitment Team Leader. Prior to Betting Connections, she completed a Master’s Degree in Media and Communications, her primary research area being on Recruitment and Selection. Gosia speaks Polish and English at a fluent level, and enjoys water sports and networking in her free time.

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  • Alexandra Nita
    Recruitment Team Leader

    Alexandra joined our international recruitment team in January 2015, bringing with her recruitment experience from Romania, Bulgaria, and Malta. Alexandra has a degree in Psychology and Human Resources from her home country of Romania. In her role she focuses on international candidate sourcing, utilising both Romanian and English.

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  • Sofia Castelbranco
    IT Recruitment Manager

    Fluent in 5 different languages, a mother two children and two cats, Sofia is also a passionate photographer and DIY hobbyist. Sofia joined our team through our international internship programme. Before that, she was an HR consultant, project manager, flight attendant and many others, which helped guide her to leaving her home and joining the recruitment industry. Sofia also has read a degree in Social and Organizational Psychology at ISCTE, and a Music Course in the National Conservatorium. She plants her own vegetables in her free time, and fights for the environment by riding her own electrical bike to work.

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  • Maria Puglisi
    Recruitment Team Leader

    Maria is originally from Italy where she obtained a master’s degree in psychology and a post-graduate degree in Human Resources. She has lived in Paris, Dubai, Stockholm, Portugal and Malta over the years! Maria joined the Connections Group She has relocated back to Malta and has joined the teams at Betting Connections in September 2016. In the rare event she has free time, Maria loves to indulge in Netflix and to travel as much as possible, and LA and Vegas are two of her favourite places she has visited.

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Meet our Consultants

  • Sarah Worthington
    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Sarah is originally from Berkshire in the UK and worked as a secondary school art teacher for four years before moving to Malta. She loved her experiences as a teacher and it was this enjoyment of interacting with people that led to her getting involved in the field of recruitment and started working with Betting Connections in October 2016. Sarah loves live music, animals, and sunshine, and has spent many summers at music festivals around the UK.

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  • Sonia Ribeiro
    Recruitment Consultant

    Sonia joined Betting Connections in January 2016 and has a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters of Forensic Psychology and Social Exclusion. She is Portuguese by birth, but has lived in Belgium for twenty years and the UK for four. Sonia speaks Portuguese, French, and English, and holds a passion for interacting with diverse cultures and people.

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  • Sarah-Jayne Barton
    Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Sarah joined Betting Connections in November 2017. While she had no previous experience in recruitment, Sarah was always interested in the life changing aspect of recruitment, and always wanted to be part of that change and growth. At first, Sarah aspired to do a Social Policy Degree in Ireland, but this all changed when she visited Malta and ended up falling in love with the beautiful island. Sarah is an energetic person who loves a challenge; therefore, it was only natural that she would end up recruiting in the iGaming industry. She is obsessed with all things related to chocolate and loves watching baking shows.

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  • Pippa Attard

    After being born on Christmas Day, one of the most exciting and joyful days of the year, Pippa has continued to carry that spirit and energy into her day to day life. After completing her studies in Law and then Psychology and gaining experience in running a bar and Business Development, Pippa decided to take advantage of her love for helping people to have clarity and a voice and joined the Betting Connections Team in April 2018.

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  • Andrea Mosquera

    Andrea join Betting Connections in 2018. She has a mixture of Colombian and Spanish ancestry but was born in Venezuela. During her free time, she likes to watch movies and enjoys the beach during the Summer months. Andrea brings to Betting Connections experience in Sales and Marketing, and graduated in Business Administration at the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in Colombia.

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  • Jodie Alaoui

    Jodie joined Betting Connections in March 2019 as a Trainee Recruiter. From the UK but with Moroccan and English parents, she brings with her 6 years’ experience in Childcare and graduated in Travel & Tourism at the South East Essex College. Jodie is an organised person who loves to socialise and meet new people and enjoys being creative.

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  • Ana Dimitrova
    Trainee Recruiter

    Ana joined the company in January 2020 as a full-time Trainee Recruiter. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English and French, as well as a Diploma in Leadership and Management, Ana has all the tools necessary to become a premiere recruiter. Prior to coming to Betting Connections, Ana has worked in different sectors as an English teacher, Retail, and Human Resources. Ana’s ambitions are to complete her Level 7 education in Human Resources with a primary direction of recruitment. In her spare time she enjoys reading books and spending quality time with her family.

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  • Jorge Domenech
    Trainee Recruiter

    Jorge is one of the 4 Trainee Recruiters who joined Betting Connections in February 2020. He is from Valladolid, Spain and studied Commerce in the Facultad de Comercio in the same place. An extrovert by nature, Jorge brings to the company experience in Sales and Customer Service as well as his love for Psychology and Economics.

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  • Catarina Bastos
    Trainee Recruiter

    Catarina joined Betting Connections in February 2020 as a Trainee Recruiter. She graduated with a Master’s in Psychology of Work and Organisations at the University of Porto, and in the worked in hospitality and in a public hospital in the same city. Ever since coming to Malta, Catarina has fallen in love with the island, and with the dynamic and friendly environment of the company.

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  • Marinela Lurtz

    Marinela joined Betting Connections in July 2019. She is from Timisoara, Romania where she studied English Literature at the West University of the same city. Marinela loves horror movies, concerts and animals, particularly Shar Pei! Marinela brings with her experience in Customer Support roles and has lived in Romania, Germany and Ireland before moving to Malta.

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  • Marie-Anicée Sourdeau
    Trainee Recruiter

    Marie-Anicée is from Belgium and joined the Betting Connections Team in June 2020 as a Trainee Recruiter. She has a Bachelor’s in Management as well as experience in Customer Service.

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  • Justina Kubiliūtė
    Trainee Recruiter

    Originally from Lithuania, Justina joined our Black & Yellow team in July 2020. She is new to Recruitment and has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration.

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  • Nora Simon
    Trainee Recruiter

    Originally from Hungary, Nora has been living in Serbia until 2018, where she moved to Malta. While new to Recruitment, Nora is very excited to embark on this career, and joined our Betting Connections Team in September 2020.

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  • Sara Marzola
    Trainee Recruiter

    Sara, originally from Italy, comes from a strong background in Hospitality. She joined our Betting Connections team in September 2020.

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  • Matas Alisauskas
    Trainee Recruiter

    Matas is Lithuanian and finishing his degree in politics and international relations. He comes from a sales-oriented background where he also took up project and community management tasks. Matas is also very passionate about music.

  • Thibaud Boucheix—Guertin
    Trainee Recruiter

    Thibaud is originally from France and is currently living in Malta. He studied sales and the conception of industrial products. Thibaud describes himself as a people person and is also very passionate about sports, in particular Rugby but also mountain bike and diving. He is very excited about starting a career in recruitment as he feels it will be the ideal place for him to use this sales and communication skills.

  • Ana Maria Quintero Lopez
    Trainee Recruiter

    Ana Maria is originally from Colombia and has a background in journalism and also comes with experience in communication strategies, marketing, event organization, and PR. Ana Maria has been living in Malta for 2 years and describes herself as a positive person who likes challenges who loves to travel and loves spending time with her family.

  • Claudia Marletta
    Trainee Recruiter

    Claudia is originally from Italy and moved to Malta in 2018. She previously worked in Spain and United Kingdom, mainly in the aviation sector. Claudia has been a flight attendant for two years, and a ground operations coordinator in Malta for one year. She loves music and arts in general, and heart to heart conversations.

Our Founders

  • Duarte Amado & Frederico Formigal
    Managing Director & COO Respectively

    Our founders combined their extensive recruitment and iGaming knowledge to set up a service that responded to a demand in the market for a ‘true recruitment consultancy’! Duarte and Frederico have guided Betting Connections from strength to strength over the years, both taking a very hands on approach to ensuring all of our staff have the resources, training and knowledge needed to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients and candidates alike.

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Meet our Operations and Administration Team

  • Lucy Eldridge
    Head of Operations

    Lucy joined our International Recruitment Team in 2011, starting off her career with Betting Connections as a recruiter. She then took on the role of Office Manager for three years and is now our Head of Operations. Her role focuses on day to day operations, managing the marketing and administration team, and managing our finance department.

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  • Daniel Lund
    Systems Administrator

    Daniel joined Betting Connections at the start of 2016 as a Trainee Recruiter, following a career in IT Support in Copenhagen. He has since moved to our IT department and is now the Systems Administrator at Betting Connections. Daniel loves football, basketball, weightlifting, and researching technology.

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  • Artur Cardoso
    Facilities & Administration Assistant

    Artur joined the Betting Connections Team in Malta at the start of 2016, bringing with him over 5 years of iGaming experience. At the start of 2017, Artur relocated from Malta to Portugal to help set up a new office for the company. Artur is a traveller at heart who loves to visit as many places in the world as he possibly can.

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  • Samwel Farrugia
    Marketing & Operations Assistant

    Samwel joined Betting Connections in September 2019. He has a background in the written word and graduated in Communications at the University of Malta in 2018. Sam loves sketching, writing, and playing piano, and is always interested in trying new, exciting things.

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