What We Offer To Candidates

Our team of iGaming Recruitment Consultants is committed to offering you ongoing career consultation so that you continue to develop professionally. We are here for you long term, working hard to make your career search enjoyable and successful. We won’t disappear once we have found you the right match and we will be here for you should you decide to build on your career path.

As recruitment and iGaming experts, we understand your needs as a job seeker and also the challenges that you may face along the way. Betting Connections is the link between you and your future employers as we get to know our clients and candidates on a personal level, ensuring we can place you in a role and a company where your career will thrive and you can be happy. We will be here to advise and guide you through every step of your journey and our relationship starts from when you first submit your CV to us. Below is a outline of what happens once you register with us.


Getting to Know You

Once you have registered on our site, one of our recruitment consultants will be in touch to arrange a meeting. In these initial conversations, our aim will be to really get to know you and your personal requirements. We will listen to, and learn, about your experiences, motivation, and ambitions so that we know exactly what you are looking for at this stage in your career and where you would like to develop in future. Laying the foundations of our relationship like this means we have all the information that is needed to help you find your perfect job.


CV Optimisation

We will work through your CV with you, making sure that we understand every part of your experiences and how they can work in your favour for the future. We will then help you to optimise your CV, making it as appealing as possible, covering everything from formatting to focusing on your most relevant experiences. In this way we will ensure that your CV stands out from the crowd, giving you the best chance of securing that all important first interview where you are given the chance to impress.



We never send your CV to an employer without your permission and we will discuss any relevant positions in detail with you, telling you about the company culture and how a particular role can fit into your long-term career plans.We work hard to ensure that we only put you forward for roles that match your skills, personality, and expectations, as we believe in building long term relationships that are mutually beneficial for employers and candidates. Only when you are completely happy with a role we have described will we send them your CV, offering our personal recommendation.


Coaching Time

If our client is impressed by your CV and accepts our recommendation, you will be given the opportunity to interview with them. We will provide you with pre-interview coaching to ensure that you arrive at the interview fully prepared, ready to highlight your personality and skillset that make you ideal for the role. After the interview, we will request feedback from both you and the potential employer, offering honest and constructive feedback so that we can move forward in future. If you are given an offer, we will continue to guide you through the whole process, covering everything from dealing with contracts to leaving your current job (if you have one). If you are unsuccessful, we will discuss why you were unsuccessful and continue the search for a new position elsewhere. We are committed to you and developing your career.