What To Include On Your CV

Writing a CV is a daunting prospect for many people as they struggle to know what to include and what not to include. Do you keep it concise, should you write everything you’ve ever done, will anybody ever even read it?! As iGaming Recruitment Specialists we get to see a huge volume of CVs – both the good and the bad – so we know what to look for in a CV and we know what employers are looking for. Whilst we help all our candidates with their CVs (you can register with us here) we would like to take this opportunity to share some advice for putting together your next CV.

Include Personal Details

Contact details should be a fundamental basic of any CV, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to include them, assuming that sending a CV from their email address is enough. Be sure to put all of the relevant information about you in one place that is simple to find so that employers / recruiters don’t have to go hunting around for information that should be readily available. Basics that should be on every CV are your full name, nationality (or eligibility to work in the country you are applying to work in), phone number (with international dialling code), email address, where you are living (general area is fine), and the languages you speak. With any of this information missing, you are simply going to slow down any job application process or have your CV neglected because other people include this information and make it accessible. Just because you live in Germany, we don’t know you speak German unless you explicitly define so on your CV.

Keep Everything Relevant

Does a potential employer need to know that you were a keen ballet dancer at the age of six and that you worked in your uncle’s fruit and veg store when you were 14? Unless these skills are relevant to the job that you are applying to, leave them out. It’s fine to include hobbies and interests – you are a real person after all – but there is only a limited period of time to digest the information you present. If you write a ten page CV, you can guarantee that it is less likely to be read than a one page CV and the important parts may be missed. When we look at a CV, we look for key skills and experiences that are relevant to the position the candidate is applying to. Highlight what makes you the right person for a particular job rather than creating a mini autobiography.

Use Keywords and Be Specific

So you like travel and music? That tells us that you are like most other human beings on this planet. Be specific and tell us about your passion for gruelling horseback adventures or that you partake in Irish dancing at least three times a week. We are looking for specifics on a CV that tell us more about a person, so be sure to show your individuality. Even more importantly, when it comes to work skills, be sure to include relevant keywords that we might search for when trying to fill a role. If you have PPC knowledge or experience of using a certain programming language, be sure to include it on your CV so that we can find it when we are searching.

Don’t Lie

It’s important to highlight your strengths on your CV, but be truthful otherwise you will get found out… or maybe even end up with a job that you are not capable of performing. Make sure that your work history is clear on your CV and if you took several months off to travel, it is OK to say that – just try to avoid saying that you spent six months getting drunk on a beach in Thailand. As much as a CV is your chance to demonstrate why you are the right person for a position, it is also an opportunity to find out what is missing from your experience so that you can fnd a position that is mutually beneficial to both yourself and your potential future employer.

Now Find Your Next Job!

If you have followed the advice above, chances are that your CV will be in much better shape than it was before. And it will make it much easier for anyone who looks at your CV to see who you are, what you can do, and what positions you are suitable for. Please send a copy of your newly updated CV to info@bettingconnections.com (or register here) and we will see if we have anything suitable for you. We look forward to hearing from you!