More and more companies are offering to their employees the option to work remotely. Many companies are starting to have a “remote first” approach, or even choose a 100% remote working model.

If you’ve worked in the office all of your life, transition to working remotely may not be easy. At Betting Connections, most of our recruiters have faced the challenges and joys of remote working at some point. I went ahead and asked Krysta, our Head of Recruitment, what it’s like. Krysta has worked for Betting Connections for 8 years and worked remotely for 2 and ½ years. After her first 9 months with the company, she started her team while working remotely! Here are some of the top tips she offered us:

1: Expect a big change 

Suddenly shifting from an office filled with busy people to the confines of your home can be a shock. Be prepared for your first week to be less productive until you adjust and settle into your new routine.

2: Set up a home office 

Getting into the working mentality while working from home can be hard. Having the proper work environment helps make the process easier. Be sure to have a comfortable desk and chair, as well as good lighting and privacy. Good lighting is needed for making video calls, and privacy is needed no matter where or what work you do. Try to simulate your ideal working environment.

3: Create a well-balanced routine 

Having some structure throughout your day, will allow you to get in and out of that “working” mindset. It is a good idea to start off your day as if you were going to work. Take a shower, eat breakfast and dress in your office clothes. Watch a Ted-Talk to motivate you or talk to your teammates about your day’s goals. Since you will be spending less energy commuting, fit some exercise into your schedule, so you can use that unspent energy to give you some extra momentum.

4: Stay well-connected 

One of the perks of today’s technology is that we have the means to stay connected. At Betting Connections, we rely on each other to push towards our goals as a team. We do this remotely by having ongoing video calls with the rest of the team. We also stay connected with our clients and candidates, through video calls, so we can still have that “face-to-face” atmosphere” that makes us excel in the recruitment industry.

5: Allow yourself to take breaks 

When its just you and work, you might be tempted to skip your breaks, especially if you feel guilty for taking 5 minutes off. In an office environment, you get up and get a coffee, maybe have a quick chat with your colleagues. At home, there are no such distractions. You will end up overworked and will burn out.

6: Take some time to readjust 

By establishing a schedule, you should have a clear “log off” time. As soon as you finish work, take some time to re-adjust. Socialize on Social Media, take a walk if you can or just unwind. Just because we are stuck in the confines of our homes doesn’t mean we can’t be social. We still have Friday Beers, although over the internet, and we still talk to our colleagues over video calls.

7: Enjoy the time spent working remotely 

This phase will pass eventually, and you want to make the most out of it. Working remotely can be a character building and exciting experience. Make sure to learn as much as you can from it as you might not get the opportunity again.

What if you are managing a team remotely?

1: Have patience 

A team will take time to adjust. Experienced teams will take less time than new teams, but all will take time. Until your team adjusts, you will have less time to do your own work. Plan accordingly.

2: It is a team leader’s job to empower 

Working remotely means there is a great element of trust involved. It is easier to discipline while working remotely and harder to empower, as you will be missing the face-to-face non-verbals. Try to video call whenever possible, to maintain that contact.

3: Know your team 

Some people are less capable of working remotely. Identify who these people are, as they will need a closer guiding hand than others. That way, you take care of issues before they arise. You need to push your team but also allow breathing space as they adjust.

Have these tips helped? We at Betting Connections offer a step-by-step process to help you achieve your ideal career path. Interested in iGaming Career Opportunities, or looking for new opportunities in general? Talk to us!