If you hide who you really are in interviews and present only what you think the recruiter wants to see or hear, you will not be helping yourself reach your career goals. With this approach more often than not, you will be setting yourself back from where you want to be.

So, How Can You Be Yourself in an interview? Here are 3 tips that we suggest trying out.

Overcome your fears

Don’t get worked up and worried about getting it right, if you overthink and make yourself anxious before the interview, then you might end up getting it wrong. Interviews are a two way road, where both you and the employer are meeting to see if you like each other, and if the role is suitable for you. Let go of what could go wrong and focus on what on could go right. Walk into that interview room and confidently demonstrate who you are and what you have to offer.

Research, research some more and trust yourself

Being well prepared for an interview is essential for an interview to be successful. You need to be knowledgeable about the company, what they do, and how you can contribute to them reaching their goals. Once you have done all the research necessary and you feel fully prepared, trust yourself and move on. In order to be effective, you cannot over think or over plan. Trust that you have done all the preparation you could and that you will do great in your interview. Trusting yourself, and being yourself, will lead to a successful interview experience.

Ask questions

Clearing out any doubts you may have about the job or the company will put your mind at ease. When you are more relaxed, the real you can come out easier. Getting to know as much as you can is very important since you want to be sure that this is what you want in your career.

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