Over the years, we have seen more and more expats packing their bags and relocating to the small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta. But what makes Malta so attractive to expats? When thinking of Malta, we immediately think of the sun, sea, and all the fun island life has to offer. But, Malta offers quite a lot more for an expat looking to find a home abroad, whether that be for a short period or a long-term relocation to the island.

High Standard of Living With a Low Price Tag

The quality of living in Malta is high with a relatively low cost when you compare it to a lot of other destinations in Europe such as UK, Germany, Sweden, France and many others. The cost of living of course will vary depending on your expectations in terms of the area you wish to live in Malta and the lifestyle you lead.

Due to higher demand of expat life in Malta over the years, rent prices have increased over the last decade, but Malta still remains an affordable place for expats to live. Whether your budget can afford a penthouse with Seaview, or you want to share a flat with a friend, you can find a variety of rental options on the market to suit you.

You can find 1–2-bedroom apartments in some of the more remote areas of the island in the region of 500 euros, whilst a 2 bedroom apartment in walkable areas to Gaming Offices will start at a price of around 750-900 euros.

Malta Is a Social Island

Malta is an easy island to relocate to, even if you are moving alone. You can very quickly establish yourself here, not only with a career opportunity but also a network of friends and a busy social calendar.

As a small island, with a lot of outdoor spaces to meet up, you can enjoy an alfresco life! No matter your budget, eating and drinking out is within reach for all levels of Income. From Fine dining restaurants to grabbing a disposable BBQ on the beach with friends, there are easy social activities for everyone!

Getting Around the Island

Whilst most expats in Malta choose to live near to their place of work, often flat sharing with other expats to have a more social aspect at home, Malta is a small island and commuting to work from any town on the island is very realistic! Bus tickets start from as little as EUR1.50 (The same price as a local beer!) with the monthly unlimited travel Bus Ticket costing just 26 euros.

Malta has Great Healthcare

Healthcare in Malta is free – Mater Dei Hospital and Gozo General Hospital as well as all public clinics, offer all treatments free of charge for anyone employed on the island or holding a valid EHIC.

For those who would like to opt for private healthcare to avoid queues in public clinics however, this is also inexpensive and can cost a yearly payment of around EUR400 for a full cover. A trip to a private general Doctor can be found for a small cost, with services ranging from as little as 15 to 25 euros.

Safe and Accessible

Peace of mind and safety is an important and almost crucial factor for all expats! According to Eurostat, Malta is also an extremely safe country, with just 0.3 violent crime incidents per 1,000 inhabitants which makes it safe for anyone to settle here alone, or with their family.

With Malta’s great position, straight in the centre of the Med, you can rest assured that it is very well connected to all key airports across Europe. Which means its easy to get away for short breaks and simple to travel home to visit family and friends.

Malta Is a Great Place to Build Your Career

There are a hundreds of international companies based in Malta, offering expats a variety of roles and vacancies within a few different industries but iGaming remains one of the largest on the island! Betting Connections works closely with most of the big names on the island as well as lots of exciting start-ups ensuring our candidates exposed to the best, high quality roles of the entire industry. From Entry to Senior Level.

Malta has two official Languages – Maltese and English! With English widely spoken at a fluent level by most of the island, you can expect integration to be pretty seamless. All crucial information from Government Services to Expat information and even the Healthcare are provided in English as well.

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