As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Malta attracts thousands of visitors every year due to its stunning weather. But while most people know Malta as a holiday destination, not many realise that it’s actually been a hub for iGaming for decades now.

Malta is not simply an iGaming hub – it’s the iGaming hub

If you’ve ever encountered online casinos or even read about them, chances are you’ve come across Malta, a sunny island in the Mediterranean where thousands of iGaming companies are located. While these companies exist in many different countries around the world, they all have headquarters in Malta – and for good reason!

Malta offers diverse iGaming businesses and staff

Online gaming isn’t just for casinos. In fact, there are numerous other types of gaming companies specialising in sports betting, lotteries and more. With an abundant amount of human resources to choose from, these companies know they can find all they need on the island to achieve success.

Malta’s iGaming industry employs around 10,000 people today — that’s about 6 percent of the total labor force. More than 500 companies have registered within its borders and pay taxes there as well. By some estimates, the number of people working in the industry could double by 2024.

The biggest names in iGaming flock to Malta

Malta is now home to all the major players within iGaming. All of these companies come to Malta for one reason: being the Europe’s hub for online gaming means that it offers a robust legal framework that helps businesses flourish. This is why international corporations are drawn to Malta for their iGaming needs.

Malta is home to SiGMA

Malta is home to the SiGMA conference and expo, which is considered the largest gathering of iGaming professionals in Europe. This event attracts over 12,500 attendees from more than 80 countries each year.

Attendees can attend talks by industry executives and participate in networking events. They can also visit the expo floor to get demos from some of the industry’s top companies. You might even see a celebrity or two.

A large number of other networking events take place in the island throughout the year – it’s definitely not hard to connect with experienced people in the industry.

Malta’s a sunny paradise

Whether you’re looking for good weather or beautiful sights, Malta won’t disappoint. Temperatures tend to stay warm all year round, the island is packed with expats and you will surely have an amazing experience living there.

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