Are you thinking of living and working on a Mediterranean island? Is Cyprus making your shortlist? It should! Cyprus is an island located in the Eastern Mediterranean sea and south of Turkey, and is one of the largest islands within the Mediterranean basin.

The Cypriot Culture:

Cyprus boasts a rich culture, drawn from many communities such as Greece, Turkey and many Balkan countries. It also draws from different religions due to Islamic and Orthodox influence. Cypriots tend to be warm & friendly, living to eat and not eating to live (a goal to aspire to!).

Cyprus has a nightclub scene in the main towns and cities, although things do get quite in the Winter months, like any Mediterranean culture. In Summer, there are plenty of festivals and beaches to go to, ensuring that you will never be bored.

Very popular in Limassol is the Limassol Carnival Festival, held annually in the city with the same name. Going for over 12 days, it ends in a final Grand Parade, which goes all the way through Makarios Avenue.

The all-important weather:

Cyprus is known for its cooler Winters and hard Summers, with high humidity throughout late Summer. It is perfect for those looking for a sunny climate, but one can also live close to the mountains for colder weather, and even, occasionally, snow. It will get very hot as Summer goes on, which may be a challenge for those used to cold climates.

Food & Rent:

You’ll be please to know that life in Cyprus tends to be cheaper on average than most European cities. Cost of living is around 600 euros to 700 euros per person on average, including food, rent & bills. Unless you peek at highly populous cities, such as Limassol, real estate should be affordable as well.

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