Remote-working is becoming a bigger and bigger keyword in a post-COVID work environment, and with good reason. As more professionals were forced to work from home due to the health risks, more business started warming up to remote-working, with many adopting it as at least a part-time practice.

Why is Teleworking so popular? Well, it has many advantages, but below you will find the most impactful ones;

1 – You get to save more money

Commuting to work is expensive. Spending 8 hours a work a day in an office is expensive. Everything from fuel, parking, lunch, coffee snacks, public transport, & childcare costs will add to your expenses pile. This might not seem a lot per day, but it adds up per month. Working from home negates most of these expenses, or reduces them greatly, allowing you more time to focus on your life and less on your finances.

2 – You get to enjoy more free time

You probably spend at least an hour per day commuting to and from work. That is an hour better spent sleeping, practicing a hobby, or socialising with your friends. As an added bonus, gone is the stress from being late due to traffic jams or otherwise.

3 – A Sense of Independence

While remote working, you are fully responsible for your own work, and your own results. You can better organise your days and achieve your tasks in a manner that suits you. Teleworking gives you greater independence, but also greater responsibility. It is important to make sure you are well-organised, and able to impose a work routine on yourself and not let yourself be distracted. Otherwise, Remote-Working might not be for you.

4 – Create your own office!

You are completely in charge of your own office décor! Do you love working with your pet, or in the garden, or in the café across the street? Its up to you how you choose your environment, from chairs to music to snack timetables!

5 – Better work-life balance

Remote working allows you to stay close to your family and have a better developed social life. Your work-life balance is better because teleworking allows you to get away from your routine and a demotivating sleep-work-repeat lifestyle. It gives you more time, attention, and resources to your personal life. This reduces stress and allows you to focus during worktime.

These are just some of the positive points of Teleworking! Saving money, time, stress and much more! You can completely organise yourself as you wish. To balance your professional life with your private life.  This is one of the best advantages of teleworking.  It’s up to you to discover the others!

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