Krysta, our amazing Recruitment Director, has just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with the company. Throughout her career with Betting Connections, she had ups and downs but was always striving forward. Her perseverance and knowledge are inspiring to all of us. So, we managed to sit down with her for a brief chat about what it’s like to work at Betting Connections and what the company has to offer to its candidates and clients.

Throughout the years you have seen many incredible stories and career progressions. What are some of your highlights?

One that always springs to mind is our Management team. I am so proud of how self-sufficient and self-running they are. They are constantly guiding and helping our teams be the best they can be.

This in turn mirrors our own core values. After all, we help business build their own business, and at the same time, we empower our Recruiters with the tools they need to succeed.

So shaping leaders, seeing them succeed at their own goals and share their own success stories within the company, has always been a great joy for me.

Seeing our company strive despite COVID, so much so that 2022 has been one of our Top Billing years, is also great to see. All this was achieved while managing and helping management remotely, and has been an incredible milestone, not just for myself, but for all our amazing connectors.

Krysta Muscat, Recruitment Director

Why should a candidate or client choose us amongst others?

I think one amazing selling point as a company is our longevity. It is in our company culture to foster and nurture long term business relationships. We have many long-standing clients and candidates with whom we have worked with throughout the years. So much so that some of our candidates have become clients in their own right. I believe this summarises why you would contact us when looking for either a job or for a talent pool. We build trust, offer a good choice of roles and a higher chance of getting the right job. Our clients know they will save their time when working with us. This retention is amazing, considering the fact that we operate in a highly competitive and ever-changing iGaming industry.

With that said, we are not perfect, and we always strive to improve. Our Recruiters are always yearning to improve both for their own benefit but also for the company’s, our client’s and candidates’.

“Throughout these 10 years within the company, I always felt professionally stimulated”

I would like to use this space thank Duarte and Frederico, our founders, for allowing me to make mistakes, to learn and develop, and to strive for excellency, as they do with our our recruiters. They empowered me to be the best version of myself.

It is indeed a testament to their help, that throughout these 10 years within the company, I always felt professionally stimulated, always learned and striving forward.

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