Everyday, our talented Operations team makes sure our iGaming Recruiters have all the tools they need to meet candidate to client smoothly. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in Recruitment, so it is only fair that our Backoffice Leaders get their own spotlight!

Please meet Sofia, Gosia, & Tiago, who make sure Betting Connections runs smoothly!

Employee satisfaction and growth has always been at the forefront of the Betting Connections ethos. As Head of Training & People Development, Sofia has helped the company continue to build on what makes us excel; our people. Sofia also started off as an iGaming Recruiter, eventually becoming part of our Training and Development team. 

Sustainable growth is just as important, and Gosia takes care of just that as our Head of Marketing & Growth. She makes sure our iGaming Recruitment teams are well-supported both through marketing and by the tools they use everyday, making sure that Betting Connections can grow sustainably. 

Our Head of Finance, Tiago, first joined the company as a Recruiter, and eventually rejoined the company as part of our Finance teams. Apart from Finance, Tiago also takes care of our QA, legal, and compliance, and he has lead our Finance, Admin, and IT teams to new heights, so we are excited for what the future will bring. 

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