From Internship to Leadership – Gosia’s 5 year Journey with Betting Connections




Meet Gosia, she is one of our Leaders at Betting Connections and recently Gosia celebrated her 5 year work anniversary with the Black and yellow team. Starting with our Recruitment Internship programme all those years ago, Gosia has worked her way through the ranks and now mentors other recruiters to reach their goals! I took the time to ask her a few questions about this journey.


So Gosia! What is your job at Betting Connections?

As a Leader, my focus is to lead, motivate and train the next generation of recruiters! It’s really fun! As a team we are all super dedicated to providing a quality service and the leadership team is here to make sure we lay the path for recruiters to reach their potential.

I do still have my own clients and candidates and recruit on a daily basis, all of our management team train through their own recruitment knowledge and have all started as Recruiters themselves.


You started within the traineeship programme, what was that like?

Before I started, I had no idea what the day to day duties of the job would be but I was curious about jobs that allowed me to speak to people all day and I was really interested in career paths and HR.

I finished University and heard that recruitment was a fun and challenging job, I am very competitive and driven by targets and goals, so it seemed like a good challenge for me.

The internship programme was hard, the job itself is hard, but no worthwhile challenge is an easy one. I learnt so much, the team were always making themselves available to train and mentor me, but it was a big challenge and one I look back on fondly.


How was your journey from that first day as an intern to today?

Tough, not without its ups and downs but it is a journey that has changed my life; professionally and personally. Being in an environment that is both quality and target driven is something I really enjoy. My managers over the years have helped me to discover my own life goals and helped me plan to achieve them.

I love recruitment, when I arrived here in Malta, I didn’t really know anyone and all the recruiters were so friendly and supportive.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel Asia for 3 months; it’s something I have always wanted to do and Betting Connections challenged me to develop a team in order to take this time to develop myself. The trip broadened my horizons, matured me and gave me a different perspective. Exploring cultures and meeting different people across Asia and from all over the world has only made me an even better recruiter and leader.


What is your favourite thing about being a Recruiter Gosia?

Using your own personality in the job, I don’t need to fit into a box. There is a clear target, a clear process and you are given the tools, training, and processes to deliver a high quality recruitment solution. Then over time you learn to apply your own personality to the job.

Oh and I love being the one to tell my candidates that all their hard work has paid off and they have been offered the job! It’s the best feeling.


What did the traineeship provide you with?

I became more self-aware, I am now even more driven to succeed… It provided me with tools to develop my communication skills and they are skills that will be with me and benefit my career for life.

It gave me a family here. As an expat, you move abroad, you don’t know many people at the beginning. The close and friendly team are supportive as colleagues and as friends.

It sounds like a cliché but its true; it has changed my life. In the last 5 years I have achieved more than I thought I would; in my personal life but also in my career. I am very motivated and driven, but the environment with the Connectors really pushes you to achieve more.


So Gosia, what does 2020 look like for your team?

Big things! We are recruiting for a new Traineeship in Malta. We are looking for 6 trainees to start in January!


What would you say to people thinking of applying for the job of a Trainee Recruiter?

A traineeship a great starting point for your career and a fantastic way to discover yourself in a sense of what your motivations really are. The job and team make it easy to see what brings you joy and gives anyone with good solid ethics and a competitive nature a platform to succeed.

The job is always changing and no day is the same. I said it before but I will say it again; it’s not easy but I promise you that if you keep at it, strive to  continuously develop and learn It’s really fun. And it can provide a long-term career that can not only satisfy your professional motivations but also it can change your lifestyle in a big way.

Above all else I would say that commitment is needed for this job! Self-motivation is key, whilst full training and ongoing mentorship is provided, you need to commit time and effort to develop yourself.


So what are you looking for in a Trainee Recruiter?

We don’t always look at experience or education because our training is really in depth. This job takes the right mentality. It needs high ethics, energy, determination, a competitive nature and above all you must to be self-motivated.


What training can a new Trainee at Betting Connections expect?

We have classroom-based training for the initial weeks. To teach you about our policies, procedures, our ethics and our product. After this you will join a team and have ongoing on the job training throughout the rest of your career. Once you join the team, you are assigned a mentor, someone to give you day to day support


If you think you have what it takes to join the Connections Team, then talk to us! We will guide you through the process and if a recruitment career turns out not to be for you, we have plenty of other careers across Europe to help you with your career search.

To find out more about this excellent opportunity; send us a copy of your CV and covering letter to, call our team on +356 27204519 or just drop into our office in Sliema to speak with us!