Help us to help you


Our job as a Recruiter is to guide and support you throughout the entire recruitment process and ultimately throughout your entire career. We do our best to ensure that you are informed and supported on every step of the journey but to get the most out of our services there are a few things that you as a job seeker can and need to do!


Be clear from the get go! We are here to advise, coach and to open doors for you. If we have partial or incorrect information about your motivations, applications and expectations, we won’t be able to find you the perfect match in terms of job, team, company, working environment and much more!

Question everything! Why is this job right for me? Do I match what the company is looking for? Do I like the products they offer? Will I be happy working with this company for the long term?  This is your career; if something is unclear it doesn’t hurt to ask! If there is something we do not know, we can always find out for you.

Be aware of where your CV is going and the status of all applications! If you or a consultant is sending your CV to a company, make sure you know the company name and what their business does! It’s important for you to be aware of what jobs you are applying for and for you to keep note of this to avoid duplicate applications!

Use your recruiter! We are here to provide you with knowledge and support. It is important to meet/speak with your recruiter before and after interviews; beforehand to get insight, advice and to prepare yourself, but also after the interview so you have the opportunity to discuss your impressions and how you thought the interview went.

Think positively when you need to and pragmatically when you have to! We all have an idea of the dream job for us, but there might be steps that we need to take in our careers to get there or even areas that need compromise with the bigger picture in mind.

Educate your career consultant!We are the recruitment experts and you are the expert in your chosen field. So that we can best Introduce/represent your skills and find you a job that perfectly matches your skills, do feel free to educate us on skills that you feel we do not fully understand. We love to recruit but we love to learn more, trust me it will be appreciated!


Last but not least, trust your recruitment professional!  We will always act in your best interest and keep you informed at every step of the journey, but if we can do so on a level of mutual trust and with open lines of communication it will give us every opportunity to find you the perfect match!