How much does life in Malta cost compare to other countries?

We’ve already looked at some of the advantages of living in Malta including a lovely climate, good transport links to the rest of Europe, a feeling of being safe wherever you are and the fact everyone speaks English. You can read the full article here. We briefly touched on how much a few basic expenses such as housing, transport and food will cost you over in Malta but here we’ll look in more detail at ‘how much bang you get for buck’ and compare it with what those same expenses would cost you in some other European cities*.

Daily shopping to make dinner for 2 at home

It’s a normal Tuesday night and we’re off to the local supermarket. We’re making grilled chicken using a kilo of boneless chicken breasts (5.76 Euros) with side of egg fried rice; we bought a dozen eggs at 2.06 (just to be sure) and a kilo of rice at 1.25. We’re serving it with a simple salad made from just a whole lettuce (1.14) and a kilo of tomatoes (0.98) and we’re washing it all down with a mid-range bottle of wine costing 4.00 and a 1.5 litre bottle of water (0.59).

For dessert, we’re keeping it healthy with a fruit salad made with a kilo of apples (2.04) and oranges (1.92).

Total cost of ingredients for dinner for 2 in Malta: 19.74 Euros

Cost of ingredients in the UK: 29.05
Cost of ingredients in EIRE (Republic of Ireland): 33.22 Euros
Cost of ingredients in Sweden: 33.80 Euros

Saturday Leisure Time

After a long working week it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself so we’re kicking off proceedings with a mid-afternoon game of tennis. We’re renting a court for an hour at a cost of 16.67 and following that up with an early dinner for 2 at a mid-range restaurant; three courses as we’re hungry from the afternoon’s tennis! Dinner comes in at 40.00 for two.

After dinner we’re off to the cinema to watch the latest Leonardo DiCaprio film and tickets for two are setting us back a total of 14 Euros.

Total cost for Saturday’s activities for two in Malta: 70.67 Euros

Total cost in the UK: 81.32 Euros
Total cost in EIRE (Republic of Ireland): 84.92 Euros
Total cost in Sweden: 103.94 Euros

Time to settle your bills

It’s the start of the month and time to settle those bills. You know, the ones you’d rather not have to pay so you could spend your money on more of the stuff we spent it on in the section above! But sadly, it doesn’t work like that so we’re paying the landlord 336 Euros for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre.

Next up we’re settling our bill for water, electricity, heating and garbage collection which comes to 92.40 and finally, we need to ensure our Internet Connection is working fine so we’d better pay that one too… or else we can’t check Betting Connections for the latest vacancies in Malta. That last one comes to 19.88.

Total cost of basic bills in Malta: 448.28 Euros
Total cost in UK: 1049 Euros
Total cost in EIRE (Republic of Ireland): 934 Euros
Total cost in Sweden: 821 Euros

*We’ve taken all figures from the website. It’s the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, providing current and timely information on world living conditions, including cost of living.