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After visiting for a short holiday, Ivana fell in love with Malta and moved here in 2011. In her hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria, she studied Arts, Graphic Design, and Photography, but it wasn't until she came to Malta that she found her passion in the form of recruitment. Ivana started working at Betting Connections in October 2016. She has been a keen volleyball player from a young age and continues to play in Malta, and is a regular player of Hearthstone.

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Originally from Slovakia, Elizabeth only learnt English to feed her love of Harry Potter, enabling her to read the books as they were published, rather than waiting for them to be translated to her native language. She first visited Malta for a holiday in the summer of 2013 and liked the place so much that she came back to live here in summer of 2016 after completing her studies. She has a Master's Degree in Work and Organisational Psychology and Psychodiagnosis, and her favourite Harry Potter character is Sirius Black. She joined Betting Connections in January 2017.

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Maria is originally from Italy where she obtained a master's degree in psychology and a post-graduate degree in Human Resources. She has lived in Paris, Dubai, Stockholm, and Malta over the past few years, and most recently in Portugal as part of our SpotOn Portugal office. She has relocated back to Malta and has joined the teams at Betting Connections. In the rare event she has free time, Maria loves to indulge in Netflix and to travel as much as possible, and LA and Vegas are two of her favourite places she has visited.

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Sarah joined Betting Connections in November 2017. While she had no previous experience in recruitment, Sarah was always interested in the life changing aspect of recruitment, and always wanted to be part of that change and growth. At first, Sarah aspired to do a Social Policy Degree in Ireland, but this all changed when she visited Malta and ended up falling in love with the beautiful island. Sarah is an energetic person who loves a challenge; therefore, it was only natural that she would end up recruiting in the iGaming industry. She is obsessed with all things related to chocolate and loves watching baking shows.

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After being born on Christmas Day, one of the most exciting and joyful days of the year, Pippa has continued to carry that spirit and energy into her day to day life. With completing studies in Law and then Psychology and gaining experience in Running a bar and Business Development, Pippa decided to take advantage of her love for helping people to have clarity and a voice leading her to join the Betting Connections Team in April 2018.

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Adora has come from a background as a HR Assistant and Recruitment with a Degree in Italian before moving to Betting Connections to build her career. Originally from South Africa, Adora moved to Italy and then to Portugal before her and her family decided to settle down in Malta in 2010. She started at Betting Connections in May 2018. Adora enjoys watching different Youtube bloggers, funny videos, sports videos and home related videos.

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Rita joined the team in February 2018 as part of our International Internship programme, completing this later in the summer, she joined the team as a full-time recruiter at the end of the internship and has since become one of our IT iGaming Recruitment Specialists. Rita, a Portuguese national, has a Bachelor Degree in Languages and International Relations and brought with her experience in Business Development and Human Resources.

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Barbora started her career at Betting Connections in March 2019. Before that she worked in the iGaming industry in an online casino for almost 3 years. She is from Czech Republic where she graduated from Social Care & Law, just before she came to Malta in June 2014. Barbora adores animals and is raising two cat boys, adopted in Malta. In her free time she enjoys good books and quality time with her family and friends.

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