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BI Manager - Malta
Job ID: 9021
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Any Region

Job description: RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Evaluate and potentially implement new BI systems, such as Tableau or QlikView, to extend the capabilities of our back office.
  • Work on integrating all data into third-party systems, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for all stakeholders.
  • Set up detailed daily reports tailored to different teams within the organisation, providing timely updates on overall KPIs and individual client KPIs.
  • Take ownership of the workflow, from request to delivery of data, reporting, and analysis, driving value and efficiency improvements.
  • Develop strong relationships with senior stakeholders, including Directors, Departmental Heads, and Product Owners.
  • Collaborate closely with Product and Operational teams to provide engaging and clear insights in the appropriate context, enabling actionable recommendations.
  • Enhance data accessibility within the department, including building business cases to enrich the data warehouse and improve the quality of analysis.
Technical Expertise:
  • Utilize strong knowledge of Power BI tools to maintain and enhance the viewing of KPIs for our clients.
Projects and Initiatives:
  • Lead the implementation of a comprehensive customer lifetime value modeling system, combining it with acquisition spend information to provide key KPI statistics and ROI analysis by granular channel.
  • Collaborate with the clients' acquisition team to optimise marketing and acquisition efforts based on data-driven insights and recommendations.
  • Drive the development and delivery of innovative analytical solutions that enable the company's rapid digital revenue growth.
  • Establish a robust data governance framework, including data quality management processes and compliance protocols, to ensure accurate and reliable insights.
Strategic Contribution:
  • Contribute to the company's growth, revenue generation, and competitive advantage by providing key insights, analysis, and new thinking based on data-driven decision-making.
  • Influence strategic decision-making processes by delivering actionable recommendations and insights to the Exec team and other stakeholders.
  • Partner closely with Product and Operational teams to identify opportunities for optimization, process improvement, and innovation, based on data insights.
Monthly Client Reports:
  • Prepare and deliver monthly client reports with comprehensive insights to stakeholders, including the Exec team, Product Teams, and Key Account Managers.
  • Highlight key performance metrics, trends, and opportunities for improvement to drive marketing and promotional activities.
  • Provide actionable recommendations to enhance client engagement, increase customer lifetime value, and optimise marketing strategies.
  • Hold a degree in Mathematics or a numerate field, with knowledge of probability and statistics being advantageous.
  • Proven experience in managing and developing people and teams.
  • Track record of managing an analytical team's output, capturing requirements, prioritizing tasks, and effectively managing expectations.
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Experience in extracting, analyzing, and interpreting large and complex data sets.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar BI/Analytics focused role.
  • Strong experience with ROI analysis and utilizing SQL for data manipulation and analysis.
  • Familiarity with the online gambling industry is desirable.
  • Mathematically minded, comfortable with statistics, probability, and logical problem-solving.
  • Deep understanding of best practices for data analysis and visualization platforms.
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