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Big Data DevOps Engineer - Malta
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Job description:
  • Be a valuable member to the Data Platform Engineering division by working closely with Data Platform Engineers, Architects, Development Manager and DevOps Engineers to build state of- the-art automated deployment pipelines that will improve reliability, automation, quality and cycle time of code releases for the various Data Platform Products
  • Refine communication and collaboration processes amongst the various consumers and sources of the Data Platform, paving the way for more aligned and successful product deployments
  • Ensuring that robust automation and monitoring solutions are in place in order to guarantee a highly available Data Platform with a high degree of data integrity throughout
  • You are passionate about automation, with hands-on experience in architecting CI/CD pipelines using platforms such as Jenkins, GoCD, CircleCI and TeamCity in conjunction with infrastructure-as-code solutions like AWS CloudFormation and Terraform.
  • You have proven hands-on industry experience with:
    • Major cloud computing providers (i.e. AWS, GCP, Azure) together with a solid understanding of cloud computing aspects such as Shared Responsibility Model, Cost Optimization, Scalability and Availability across different services. Experience with AWS services such as IAM, S3, Kinesis, EC2, Lambda, Redshift, EMR, CloudFormation and Cloudwatch will be considered an asset
    • Monitoring tools such as Grafana, Zabbix, Nagios and AWS CloudWatch
    • Working in Linux environments
    • Programming languages such as Java, Scala and Python
  • You are familiar with and would like to be exposed more to:
    • Relational, NoSQL and Columnar data stores such as Redshift, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and ClickHouse
    • Data Pipeline tools such as Airflow, NiFi, Talend and Luigi
    • BigData streaming concepts and deployment methodologies using technologies such as Flink, Kinesis Streams, Kafka, Pulsar and CDC solutions
    • Containerization technologies and managed services such Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, AWS ECS, AWS EKS and GCP GKE and Azure AKS
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