Fraud & Payment Analysts - Malta
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Fraud & Payment Analysts
·         Adhere to corporate wide and team specific policies, procedures and guidelines
·         Verify and approve withdrawal requests in a timely and efficient manner keeping in line with the company’s SLA’s.
·         Investigate flagged or alerted end user accounts generated by the current Fraud framework.
·         Monitor and review financial and player activity with the aim of minimizing the financial risk to the business.
·         Evaluate fraud risk and take appropriate action by using experience and judgement on potentially fraudulent activity
·         Block and unblock end user accounts in accordance with procedures and guidelines.
·         Liaise with 3rd party Payment/fraud providers for enhanced investigations or resolutions linked to Player issues.
·         Analyse, Prepare and handle chargeback disputes.
·         Compile and handle daily reports & account reviews, under the supervision of the Fraud Manager.
·         Actively participate in improving internal procedures and processes.
·         Analyse and process payments accurately and in a timely manner via different payment methods offered.
·         Investigate and resolve issues related to money transfers, including reconciliation of transactions
·         Assist Customer Support with escalated queries related to Fraud and Payments.
·         Assisting Fraud & Payments Manager in the implementation of Fraud internal procedures & training
·         Any other task and related functions which may be delegated to the Employee by Management​
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