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Full Stack Developer - Malta
Job ID: 7851

Sarah is originally from Berkshire in the UK and worked as a secondary school art teacher for four years before moving to Malta. She loved her experiences as a teacher and it was this enjoyment of interacting with people that led to her getting involved in the field of recruitment and started working with Betting Connections in October 2016. Sarah loves live music, animals, and sunshine, and has spent many summers at music festivals around the UK.

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Job description: What you'll bring to the team:
  • Proven JavaScript/TypeScript experience in frontend & backend
  • Proven Angular experience
  • Good experience with HTML5 / CSS3
  • Knowledge of relational and document databases
  • Good Design Pattern knowledge
  • Team player & desire to learn
  • Good overall technical culture
  • Programming best practices: Unit testing, refactoring, code maintainability
 Even better if you have knowledge in: 
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Data Analysis and reporting
  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies
  • Git & JIRA
  • Cloud development (GCP)
  • Firebase
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