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Russian KYC Agent - Malta
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Sarah is originally from Berkshire in the UK and worked as a secondary school art teacher for four years before moving to Malta. She loved her experiences as a teacher and it was this enjoyment of interacting with people that led to her getting involved in the field of recruitment. Sarah loves live music, animals, and sunshine, and has spent many summers at music festivals around the UK.

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Job description: Russian KYC/ Verification Agent
  • Able to read Russian and English.
  • Experience in validating international ID documents.
  • Working towards deadlines.
  • Strong communication skills for interacting with clients.
  • Flexible working hours (no night shifts).
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Reviewing and maintaining KPIs.
  • High level of scrutiny and attention to detail.
  • EU Citizen.
  • Ability to read other languages.
  • Technical ability with Office products.
  • Experience in payments, specifically around fraud monitoring.
  • Knowledge of International Sanctions/ Politically Exposed People regulations. 
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