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Software Engineer / Data Scientist - United Kingdom
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Sarah is originally from Berkshire in the UK and worked as a secondary school art teacher for four years before moving to Malta. She loved her experiences as a teacher and it was this enjoyment of interacting with people that led to her getting involved in the field of recruitment and started working with Betting Connections in October 2016. Sarah loves live music, animals, and sunshine, and has spent many summers at music festivals around the UK.

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Job description: Our client is looking to hire a candidate which is a hybrid of a software engineer and a data scientist, who will join the R&D department to enhance and develop their proprietary trading strategies in the sports markets.
  • Preferably working experience in Python of +4 years. Will be involved in building frameworks and backend architecture for number of repositories.
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • Good knowledge of MySQL, ability to interact with Databases.
  • Good knowledge of asynchronous programming (asyncio) in Python 3.8, prior experience in interacting with APIs.
  • Expert in Git version control system, prior experience on working with team members on GitHub projects mandatory.
  • Excellent data analysis and mathematical abilities.
Nice to have:
  • AWS CLI prior experience + from hedge fund industry
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