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Alexandra joined our international recruitment team in January 2015, bringing with her recruitment experience from Romania, Bulgaria, and Malta. Alexandra has a degree in Psychology and Human Resources from her home country of Romania. In her role she focuses on international candidate sourcing, utilising both Romanian and English.

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Job description: UX AND WEB DESIGNER
Key Responsibilities
• Create interactive designs, concepts, prototypes, and sample layouts for a variety of asset
types based on knowledge of layout principles and aesthetic design concepts.
• Innovate the usability of the company’s online offers based on localized customer and data
• Create target driven designs and prototypes
• Presenting finalised ideas and concepts to team members and managers.
• Contributing ideas and recommendations to the overall brief.
• Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with copywriters, fellow
designers, web developers, other marketing staff and managers.
• Keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to the job.
• Working with team members to review and optimize the performance of various marketing
collaterals, including splash pages, entry pages, and de facto customer journey.
• Produce cut ups and functional prototypes to help improve the development process.
• Reproduce design works in different languages and formats
• Gather requirements from team members and produce promotional assets for on-going and
bespoke campaigns.
Key Relationships
• prior experience in digital web design and development in an E-Commerce company.
• Knowledge of e-mail marketing best practices and adapting print copy for e-mail readability
(web base/mobile).
• Ability to adhere to in-house brand, style guidelines, and mailing schedule
• Ideally 1-year experience working with automated and modular design processes
• Ideally 1-year experience using data to optimize design and user journeys
• Ability to effectively execute multiple projects/tasks of varying complexities, meet deadlines
and work well under pressure.
• Strong conceptual skills, including online application concepts and user experience concepts.
• Exposure to software configuration, web site structures and functionality and CMS.
• Experience in web standards and the challenges of designing/developing across a variety of
• Experience producing emails across ESPs.
• Fluency in current graphic design practices and web production software, such as Adobe XD
or Invision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Flash.
• Understand the possibilities and limitations of common coding languages such as HTML(5),
XHTML, (object oriented), CSS, and Javascript/Ajax/jquery.
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