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Malta is a vibrant island within the Mediterranean Sea, it has been Betting Connections’ home ever since the company was founded in 2010. Since then, both the island and the company have grown and evolved, and we have always been happy with each change the Maltese Islands brought into our lives.

With Malta being one of the biggest iGaming hubs which continues to grow each year, the iGaming industry in Malta is always on the lookout for opportunities to bring prospective talent to settle in Malta, as well as across Europe’s other major iGaming hubs. But what else makes Malta special and unique?


Great Weather

Malta offers a rich Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as a vibrant night life to match. With 2019’s July recording almost 12 hours of sunshine per day, you can expect sunny weather throughout most of the year, and even during the colder months like November and December, the temperature rarely goes below 10 degrees. This is perfect weather for nights in and out, and Summer for sure will be a blast, as you have the perfect weather to swim or lounge by the beach from the first day of Summer till well after its end. Couple this with the many perfect beaches dotting the archipelago, and you will never run out of things to do.


Low Unemployment

Malta’s unemployment rate rests at a comfortable 3.3%, and it has the 4th lowest unemployment rate in the Euro area, according to Eurostat. Since the iGaming industry is so big in Malta, and continues to grow with each year, the fact that the job market is secure and stable means that we can help all those looking to work on the island. They can also feel more financially secure, thanks to the excellent job security.


Affordable Cost of Living

Prices vary across the Malta, and as with many European countries, the cost of living has risen over the years. Despite that, Malta still has a very good standard of living for a relatively low cost. Rent and bills are still quite affordable, especially compared to other countries, which means you get to save a good chunk of your paycheck and still be able to enjoy the Mediterranean life here on the island. Rent for one bedroom apartments is on average 750-900 euros, with bills for basic utilities and internet in the region of 50-100 euros. If you decide to share a 2 bedroom apartment your rent will decrease to 400-550 per person. The cost of apartments lowers a lot the further you move away from the Centre of the island.


International Communities

Being one of the major iGaming hubs means that Malta attracts people from all over the world, and this creates a truly international experience on the Mediterranean island. Malta is culturally diverse and offers people living here something brand new and exciting every day. The many varied interests from so many cultures means that whatever you love, you will find a group of people who share your hobbies.


Easy Access to Europe

With the Malta International Airport (MLA) being upgraded and expanded continuously, it is no surprise that the island has such a comfortable reach to many popular European destinations. The airport has services from many different airlines, including many major budget airlines, making the choice of service wide and easy regardless of what you are looking for. Being a small island, also means that the airport is only a short distance away, no matter where you live. As a tourist hotspot, which is only becoming more popular, you can except the level of accessibility to Europe, as well as beyond, to keep on growing.



Malta is an island that wears its mix of natural and human history proudly. Along the island, and indeed beyond to the rest of the archipelago, Comino and Gozo, you can see epic rock formations, hidden exotic beaches and country sides, and some of the oldest caves and temples made by humans, which still stand to this day. Whether you are a history buff or not, one cannot deny their beauty, and they, as well as the cities of Mdina, Valletta and Victoria (or Rabat), are so steeped in history that you just might get lost in them. If by some chance you manage to explore all of it, don’t worry, as most of the other cities and towns have just as much historical heritage to look through.


Do you want to live in Malta?

If what you have read enticed you, and Malta looks like the kind of rock you want to live on, good news! We might be able to help you. Apart from being recruitment specialists with years of experience finding people jobs within the iGaming industry, we are also just as experienced with life in Malta and can help you settle here. The first step though, is to find you a new job on this sunny island in the Mediterranean. Submit your contact details here or send a copy of your CV to explaining what you are looking for.


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