What to consider when preparing for a Video Interview

Whether you have always worked from home or the recent crisis put you there, video calls and interviews are becoming a normal interview tool. If you are looking for an iGaming career opportunity abroad for example, your initial interview stages and in some cases all your interview will be via a video connection. Even if you are looking for a locally based opportunity, many companies have shifted to video interviewing, in order to have the closest to a face to face interview as possible.

As iGaming Recruitment Consultants, we regularly have video conference calls with clients and candidates alike as part of our 30 steps process. We go through a full process with our candidates so that that they come across as the best versions of themselves in the interview. Here are some of our top tips to ace that video interview.


Technical Considerations

Since this is a video interview there are a few extra things to consider to make sure you won’t have any technical problems during the interview:

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection, as well as a laptop with a webcam and a headset with a built-in microphone.
  • Check this by making a few calls with your friends or your recruiter. That way should any problems come up; you have the chance to fix them.
  • Set up an account with the video call app and make sure you have a professional username and picture.
  • Adjust the glare in the room to avoid glare on your glasses. Ideally, the camera should be positioned so that you are visible from your chest up.

Your surroundings

Well before you have your interview, ideally as soon as you receive an interview request, you should check the following:

  • Tidy your room and make sure it is well lit. This will reflect well on your personality and removes any distractions too.
    Inform your flatmates to avoid unnecessary interruptions. You should also turn off all your devices or notifications before the interview.
    You should also have a backup contact details in case you run into technical issues. In case of any technical issues, let your recruiter know as soon as you can.
    Dressing professionally is a must in any kind of interview, if you are unsure discuss this with your recruiter and remember even though it’s a video interview dress from head to toe!
    If you are a pet owner, it is best to put them in another room until you finish the interview. Pets don’t know that you are in an interview and will be their usual distracting selves to both you and the interviewer.

During the Interview

  • Be aware of your body language and non verbal communications. Eye contact is important for showing a level of connection with the interviewer, so be sure to check your camera is in front of you and not off to the side.
    It is easy to slough back in the chair without realising, so sit up straight with your feet planted on the floor.
    Keep a copy of your CV, a note pad and a glass of water to hand. Make sure they are within your reach if you need them but not right in front of you to avoid looking down at them.

Keeping in touch with your recruiter

Its important to call your recruiter before an interview, a last minute check of your internet connection and set up. As soon as the video interview ends call your recruiter to share your immediate thoughts and how you think it went. Feedback is a very important part of our recruitment process. This will help your recruiter ensure that the interview process is the best that it can be.


Always remember to enjoy the experience. Even if you don’t ace the interview, you can learn from your mistakes and do even better the next time. It also possible to do everything right and still not get the job, as the market is competitive, but there will always be a lesson to learn.


Looking for an iGaming Career Opportunity, but don’t know where to start? Send us your CV at careers@bettingconnections.com and one of our expert iGaming Recruitment Consultants will guide you every step of the way.