Privacy Policy

Data Protection is something we take very seriously. Not only our obligations to comply with the laws and legislation, in addition to this we are also guided by our moral compass and accessing the right thing to do.

Please read through this policy and then if you agree, please tick the box to consent to our processing of your data.

What data and information do we collect?

Our business is recruitment. Providing recruitment solutions to job seekers and employers and keeping you updated both now and in the future about career opportunities. The data we collect, store and process are related to your personal information such as; name, contact information, work history, references, employment preferences, your resume/CV.

Where do we obtain your data?

  • We may receive your personal data directly from you, via our website or an emailed application to one of your team members.
  • We may receive your personal data from public online sources such as Social Media Websites like LinkedIn.
  • We may receive your personal data from third-party resources such as job boards and CV databases where you have registered and indicated you are open to hearing about career opportunities.
  • We may receive your personal data as part of our referral system.

In all the above cases, your data is stored in our secure database in order for us to process this and reach out to you to find out if you are interested in hearing more about our services.


Will my data be shared?

The only circumstance we will share your data, other than where we may be legally required to, is with your informed consent. This means; if we have spoken to you about a career opportunity and you wish for us to prepare a job application and send on your behalf to our client. We will only do this if you are fully aware of the company, opportunity and details needed in order to make an informed decision to apply for the role in question.


What if I want my personal data to be removed?

If you wish not to be updated about future career opportunities, you can do so very easily by contacting our team on You will always be welcome to revisit our website and register again at a point in the future where you might wish to receive updates and recruitment services.

If you wish to not be contacted right now but to be updated about future career opportunities, you can also request to not be contacted until a date in the future where we touch base and update your current situation.



If you have any questions at all regarding this policy or any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on