The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Consultancy

If you’ve had a bad experience with a recruitment consultancy, you’ve probably decided that you will never use a recruiter ever again. Why should you?! We won’t defend the whole recruitment industry (because there are some bad operators out there), but we can tell you about the benefits of applying through a well run, efficient recruitment consultancy. As iGaming Recruitment Specialists since 2010, we’ve learnt more than a thing or two when it comes to recruitment and we see the benefits of what we offer on a daily basis. Below are some of the benefits of using a recruitment consultancy, rather than applying for a job directly.

You Have Nothing To Lose

When you apply to a recruitment consultancy, you have nothing to lose (other than the little bit of time it takes to submit your details). At Betting Connections we have a two minute CV registration, meaning that your only investment in using our career consultancy is to take the time to upload your CV. We don’t charge you any money (as we are paid by employers once we successfully place a candidate) and we just might help you to find your next dream job, so what are you waiting for, register today… unless you want to read on and find out the important benefits of using a recruitment consultancy.

You Save Time

Do you know where to go to find the latest jobs? We spend a lot of time working with our trusted clients to bring you the latest jobs available on the market and we often know about openings before they are released publicly – if they ever get released publicly at all. Rather than trawling through endless job postings with outdated information, or sending your CV into a bottomless vortex of no replies, a good recruitment consultancy will be able to find far more suitable positions than you could on your own. This means that whilst we are working hard, trying to find you your next job, you can be sitting around, doing anything you want!

We Put Your CV On The ‘Top Of The Pile’

Finding a suitable job is only the first hurdle when you are looking for a new position. How do you make your CV stand out from the hundreds of others that will be submitted for the very same position? You only have a matter of seconds to impress before your CV will be put into the discard profile, but a good recruiter will take the time to get to know you as an individual and make sure that they submit only a tiny handful of the best CVs to their client. When we are filling a role, we only give our clients a few of the very best CVs for each position, along with a recommendation of why we feel you would be suitable for a particular role. This means that your CV will be read properly, dramatically increasing the chances of you securing that all important first interview where you can impress your potential future employer.

We Make Sure You Are A Good Fit

At Betting Connections, we offer an industry leading 12 week refund policy, meaning that if we place a candidate in a role that they leave within 12 weeks, we don’t get paid. We do this because we are extremely confident about our placements. We take the time to get to know both our candidates and clients on a personal level so that we can put the right person in the right job. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement meaning that everybody – jobseekers, employers, and us – are happy and can build long term relationships. Without the knowledge of different companies that we have, you might apply to a job where the company culture doesn’t fit your personality and find yourself in a job you don’t like… assuming you can even get them to read your CV in the first place!

Let Us Find You A Job

To save yourself time, find the best jobs on the market, and take a step towards a career that you love, please fill out our simple CV registration and one of our recruiters will get in contact with you to discuss your options. We believe in what we do as we strive to be the most sought after recruitment specialist available to the iGaming industry across the world. We are here to help you find your next job, help our clients grow, and to continue our international growth, so get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.