Where In The World Can iGaming Take You?

In terms of career progression, it is well publicised that iGaming offers excellent opportunities for career development, allowing individuals to build worthwhile careers that are both rewarding and lucrative. As the iGaming industry continues to grow, the industry is flourishing in many different parts of the world and we wanted to highlight a few of the European iGaming hubs so that you can get an idea of where in the world a career in iGaming can take you.


A sunny gem in the Mediterranean, iGaming contributes a huge 12% of the annual GDP to the Maltese economy and it continues to grow each year. Malta is one of the front runners of the iGaming industry in Europe, attracting international companies and international talent that power gaming sites all over the world. We chose to base our company in Sliema, Malta, to be right in the very heart of the iGaming industry so that we are part of it. Malta offers ‘300 days of sunshine’, an affordable cost of living, and a truly international environment – our company has staff from 18 different countries! Malta is also a popular tourist destination, offering impressive rock formations, ancient history, and a lively atmosphere throughout the year. Take a look at our iGaming jobs in Malta.


An established iGaming hub located in the south of Spain, Gibraltar is still classified as an oversees British territory despite being several thousand miles from the mainland. Whilst Gibraltar offers a taste of British culture, it also offers the fantastic weather of the south of Spain, coupled with Mediterranean living. It’s a great opportunity for English speakers to get involved in the iGaming industry and experience living in an international environment. Take a look at our iGaming jobs in Gibraltar.

UK & Ireland

The UK and Ireland are well established iGaming hubs that operate internationally. Both countries offer big city life with international communities in London and Dublin, but there is also the opportunity to escape to the countryside and enjoy the quiet side of life that the UK and Ireland offer. Some of our iGaming positions are location on the isles of the UK, offering a completely different pace of life if that’s what you are looking for. Take a look at our iGaming jobs in the UK and Ireland.

So Many More Opportunities

iGaming is growing steadily across Europe (and the world) and we have jobs in many other countries including Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, and Azerbaijan to name but a few. And this list continues to grow longer. Keep checking back on our job boards to see what and where our new positions are. Looking forward, we see huge potential for growth and we are excited to branch into new parts of the world.

How to Find a Job in iGaming

We recruit for the iGaming industry across Europe and we continue to grow, offering more roles and successfully placing more candidates year on year. All you have to do to start your search for a new iGaming job is register your CV with us (or send a copy of it to apply@bettingconnections.com) and our team of recruiters will take a look to see if we have any exciting opportunities for you. All of our candidate services are completely free, meaning you have absolutely nothing to lose. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take the next step in your career.