Why Malta?

You can read about why gaming companies have been so keen to move to Malta here but we’re sure you’re far more interested in knowing why thousands of young, ambitious, bright professionals like yourself have decided to start a new life in sunny Malta and why very few have been in any sort of rush to leave. So the question is: what can Malta do for you?


It’s been proven that the climate where you live can have a considerable effect on your general state of mind and how you feel about life, in other words…your happiness. Living in cold, damp, rainy cities with few hours of sunshine can actually contribute to feelings of depression and resentment. You’ll have no such problems in Malta, which boasts twice as many hours of sunshine over the course of the year than London and up to five times as many as the English capital during the winter months. Its capital, Valletta, is officially the warmest in the whole of Europe during the winter months. A Maltese summer lasts pretty much from April to November.

Value for money

Whatever your salary is within the I-Gaming industry, rest assured that here it will go further than in most European countries.

Rent varies according to where you live just like in anywhere else but suffice to say you can easily rent a 3-bedroom flat in a nice area by the sea for around 500-700 Euros a month. So whether you’ve moved to Malta with your partner or want to share accommodation with a work colleague, you won’t find an unhealthy portion of your paycheck ending in your landlord’s pocket once you’ve shared the cost.

If you decide to use the bus rather than a car to get to and from work and travel around the island you can do so for just 1.50 Euros a day with a day travel pass, a discounted rate for anyone resident in Malta. The bus service is both frequent and reliable and runs all through the night.

Eating out can be pretty cheap if cooking is the last thing on your mind after a day in the office. In most places you can have a good pizza, bowl of pasta or a simple traditional Maltese dish plus a couple of beers for under 10 Euros.

Wild night v Quiet night

Like a party? Don’t like the idea of bars closing early? You’re buying a beer, not a brewery? You’ve come to the right place. Forget licensing laws, last orders and over-priced pints. The notorious area of Paceville is the Mecca of those looking to drink, dance and meet new people till the energy levels go down and the sun comes up. But it’s not just there that you’ll find bars open till late, much less all manner of drinks at reasonable prices and like-minded people winding down over a ‘cool one’.


But if that’s not your scene, don’t worry. There may be plenty of real-life stories unfolding in Paceville, but there are plenty more made-up ones in Paceville’s 15-screen Cinema. You’ll also find plenty of DVD clubs scattered around the island and can purchase cable subscriptions with plenty of channels – including extensive coverage of sports- for affordable prices.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Many betting companies organize 6-a-side football matches, some as part of a proper league, others just as an informal kick-about to burn some calories and get to know the guy who sits next to you a bit better.

But it’s not just about football. The island’s gyms and Hotels also caters for enthusiasts of tennis, squash, aerobics, thai boxing and plenty more. Some betting companies will even give you a subsidized membership to your nearest gym. Malta is also recognized as one of the best spots in the world for scuba diving.

English, always English

Moving to a new country can be a stressful experience for anyone to start with as you learn to adapt to a different culture, climate and philosophy of life. The last thing you need is to also struggle to come to terms with a new language.

Thankfully that’s not a problem in Malta where English, along with Maltese, is the official language. Everyone speaks it and in the vast majority of cases, it’s also the official language spoken within the company itself. Even if it’s a Swedish or German company.

Safety First

Malta has a very moderate crime rate with just 34 crimes per 1000 people. Contrast that with Finland, who despite not being famous for being filled with troublemakers, still experiences 100 crimes per 1000 people.

You can walk the streets alone at pretty much anytime of night without fear and you can rest assured that taking your eyes off your rucksack or bicycle for a few minutes doesn’t mean it will be the last time you see them.

Malta is a deeply religious country and with that comes a philosophy of helping rather than harming your neighbor.

Maltese hospitality

Not only will Maltese people speak to you in English, they will make you feel at home right away. Malta relies heavily on Tourism as one of its main industries so being kind, courteous and polite to foreigners is very much in the Maltese blood. If you read the history books you’ll find out that Malta has been occupied by endless countries throughout the centuries so wherever it is that you’re from, the Maltese have welcomed and entertained people from your country before!

Having a plane to catch

Though not in the centre of Europe, Malta is one of the best locations in the ‘Old Continent’ when it comes to flight connections. During the winter months there are no fewer than 24 different airlines flying in and out of Malta (even more during the summer) and crucially that includes the budget ones such as easyJet, RYANAIR and W!zz. Malta has direct flights to most of the major European cities such as London, Rome, Paris, Dublin and Frankfurt and plenty more that often involve short stop-overs. So whether you’re going home for Christmas or just getting away for a weekend break, you can do so without wasting too much time or breaking the bank.