Why consider a career in iGaming?

iGaming is a thriving industry in many countries, especially Malta. There are so many opportunities in the online gaming sector in Malta that many local and expats have already jumped on board! With such a wide range of roles available across all functions, there is bound to be a job waiting for you, whatever your skill set and language/s that you speak.

With jobs ranging from multilingual roles, customer service, sales, operations, finance, I.T., human resources and many more available on a daily basis, there is certainly a vacancy which is waiting for you as well!

Still not convinced? Lets look at a few reasons why working within the iGaming sector in Malta can be a great benefit to your life!

The island life, Malta has it all!
Malta is a great place for anyone wishing to live in. With 300 day of sunshine, beautiful turquoise waters and beaches a few metres away from anywhere, it’s a great place to be! It’s very safe, with an extremely low crime rate and has been voted one of the safest countries to live in Europe.

Malta also has a low cost of living when compared to most European countries, as well as offers a great social life for all ages. Its fantastic education system and medical system are also a great plus, whether you are single, or moving with a family.

A variety of job vacancies available throughout the year!
You don’t need to be an IT genius to get a job in an I-gaming industry. You can manage a VIP team as you can kick start a new career and become a Sport Analyst. It sounds great, right? Moreover, there are many language job opportunities for expatriates ranging from the Japanese, French, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish speaking jobs and so much more! And don’t worry, there are I-gaming companies which offer relocation support if needed. Many expatriates come to Malta especially to work in the online gaming sector. Maybe you will too!

The excitement of working in a fast paced, competitive, and multicultural industry!
This iGaming sector is highly competitive and is ideal for candidates who are ambitious with a can – do attitude. Being proactive and doing your best is essential for people who want to move forward. At the same time, most companies offer a great company environment, including many social company events and office perks! One would also be surprised at the amount of I-gaming events and international conferences that are held throughout Europe every year. The next major I-gaming conference taking place in Malta is SIGMA 2016 and Betting Connections is one of its main sponsors! https://maltaigamingsummit.com/about/

I-gaming is growing more and more each year and has not been effected in any way by economic crisis
This is not one of those obsolete industry whose golden age is over, hence it’s ongoing expansion. One of the main reasons why this sector will continue to thrive in the future is that the access of Internet keeps spreading over the world. In result, this industry continues to grow more and more!

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