Why We Love Living in Malta

A small gem in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has been the home of Betting Connections since our inception in 2010, and an island we have grown to love. As a major iGaming hub that continues to grow year on year, the iGaming industry is always looking for bright new talent to move to Malta, as well as all over Europe, but what is it that makes Malta such a great place to live?

Great Weather

Malta boasts nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, making it one of the sunniest countries in all of Europe. For the sake of comparison, Valletta, Malta’s capital, receives 2,957 hours of sunshine a year, compared to 1,410 hours of sunshine in London each year. Of the 60 major European cities (capitals plus cities with over one million people), Valletta has the most sun of them all, so when we say the weather is great, there is data to back it up! Summer temperatures regularly exceed 30° C and since climate data started being taken, Malta has never experienced weather colder than 1.4° C. The long summers allow for outdoor dinners and pleasant sea swims, encouraging people to get out of the house and enjoy some of the best weather Europe has to offer.

Low Unemployment

Malta’s unemployment rate is just 4.1%, the third lowest in all of Europe and well below the EU average. With the iGaming industry continuing to grow year on year, we are always looking for exciting new talent to place on the island and the job market is supportive of that. Moving to a new country can be a daunting prospect to many individuals, but this increased job security helps us to feel more financially secure in Malta.

Affordable Cost of Living

Like all countries, prices vary across Malta, but within the iGaming industry people tend to find that they have good purchasing power in the local environment. Having the option to eat out (especially whilst warm in shorts through the summer) helps contribute to a high quality of life that isn’t possible in more expensive parts of the world.

International Communities

The iGaming industry (and several others) attract people from all over the world, creating huge international communities on this small island. This offers the opportunity to interact with different cultures and languages on a daily basis, helping us to feel part of something new and exciting. People bring their interests from all over the world and whether it’s book clubs or sport clubs, you will be able to find like minded people who share your interests.

Easy Access to Europe

Malta is well placed in the centre of southern Europe to reach many European destinations quite easily. The airport is easily accessible due to the small size of the island and is well serviced by many of the major budget airlines, meaning it is possible to hop off to other parts of Europe for reasonably priced long weekends. As Malta becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination and the population continues to grow, the level of accessibility within Europe (and beyond) is bound to keep growing.


Malta has a huge mix of natural and human history, showcasing epic rock formations across the island as well of some of the oldest known creations by humans that are still standing today. The cities of Mdina and Valletta are steeped in history and you will find yourself transported to a new world (think Game of Thrones – it was filmed here during season one) which will leave you constantly experiencing delightful new finds.

Do You Want To Live in Malta?

If this sounds like the sort of place you would like to live, good news…. we might be able to help you. Aside from being recruitment professionals with years of experience finding people jobs within the iGaming industry, we also have years of experience of living in Malta and can help you to settle here. First step though, let’s find you a new job on this sunny little rock in the Mediterranean. Submit your contact details here or send a copy of your CV to apply@bettingconnections.com explaining what you are looking for. We look forward to hearing from you.